Month: December 2011

akta | installation street view

     Here are street view pix of the Little Taiko Boy video installation at community center akta in Shinjuku Ni-chome, Tokyo. For the installation I uncovered a window in a storage area that was normally blocked off. It brought new activity to the face of the building and drew attendances upstairs to akta.

akta | exhibition poster

Here’s the poster for my Little Taiko Boy | World AIDS Day exhibition at community center akta, Tokyo. The poster features Cesar Cipriano in a photo by Quyen Tran.

akta | ltb condom packages

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Check out the wonderful new ‘Little Taiko Boy’ condom packages printed by community center akta, and distributed by the Delivery Boys to over 170 bars in the the Shinjuku Ni-Chome neighborhood!

akta | mandala

Two pictures of the completed mandala for Little Taiko Boy | World AIDS Day Tokyo installation at community center akta.