In the Heart of America by Naomi Wallace

Directed by Bryan Jackson
UCLA School of Theater Film and Television

Appalachian-born Craver and Palestinian-American Remzi bond in a way characteristic of soldiers, but their relationship soon becomes something far deeper and dangerous in Naomi Wallace’s exploration of war, love and the possibility of desire to change us at our core. -Broadway Play Publishing

Playwright Naomi Wallace
Director Bryan Jackson
Scenery and
Costume Design
Anissa Rashid
Lighting Design Chris Hulen
Sound Design Tyler Fereir
Stagemanager Mike Biscotti
Craver Perry Matthew Hobart
Fairouz Saboura Sue-Ling Braun
Lue Ming Hiroko Saeki
Remzi Saboura Miguel Angel
Boxler Nathan Brown
Shadow Man Aaron Feinstein
Shadow Woman Marielle Heller