John as he moves from man to man, bed to bed, shower to shower, searching for answers. The story is told through fragments of dialogue and a rhythmic montage of asphalt, subway trains, traffic and beautiful bodies. Isolated images resonate against the richly layered soundtrack of urban noise and electronic pop. John’s beauty and vitality, his sexual encounters and tiled showers blur with increasing speed as we plunge along with him into despair. The growing need for safety awakens restless memory and distant dreams of home.
The production design is influenced by the studio photography of George Platt Lynes. The saturated soundscape, designed by Gavin Haag, samples the clatter and hum of urban life. The original score, by award-winning Japanese composer Eiji Yoshizawa, layers voices, cold technological beats, and warm digital purrs.


Written & Directed by Bryan Jackson
Original Music by Eiji Yoshizawa


Eric Turic John
Jason Bushman Boyfriend Ross
Eliot Schwartz 1st Boy
P.J. Henry Gym Shower, Money
Severanio Lozano Eames
Jerome Lu Soapy
Brian Hurley Undressing
Charles Herman-Wurmfeld Orange Juice


Sound Design Gavin Haag
1st Assistant Director Sunny Basham
Casting Assistant Adam Simon
Grip Rob Carito
Graphic Design Michael Hofeldt
Press Writers Mimi Zeiger
Michaela Goldhaber


1st Annual Tel Aviv GLBT Film Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel, June 16, 2006

Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, ‘Skin Show,’ July 11-23, 2002

Q Cinema : Fort Worth Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival, July 20-27, 2002

MIX MEXICO : Sexto Festival de Diversidad Sexual en Cine y Video, Cinematografo Del Chopo, Cineteca Nacional, May 6,12, 2002

UCLA Festival : School of Theater, Film and Television, James Bridges Theater, Melnitz Hall, June 10, 2001