… (Softly) has a wonderful noirish feeling.”
– Roberta Smith, New York Times

…preposterously campy and strangely affecting”
– Josh Wolin, Time Out New York

“Time Out Pick of the Week”
“Bryan Jackson uses Bratz® dolls, lovingly-crafted miniature sets, and Sirkian cinematography to stage a simple story of love and longing, which may or may not be a commentary on the naive romanticism of urban gay men.”

–– Paul Sbrizzi, SLAMDANCE


Softly is a Douglas Sirk-styled, biographical film that blurs the line between dollhouse and reality – creating a world as fragile and ephemeral as the romance story that takes place within the frame.
Director Bryan Jackson’s film employs Bratz Boyz dolls as actors staged on miniature, handcrafted sets with cinematography by Quyen Tran and music composed by Yoshizawa Eiji and performed by Scudelia Electro.
When faced with the lack of financing for queer narratives, Jackson drew upon his training to construct his own narrative world. His living room became his work studio and casting sessions were carried out at ToysRUs. Utilizing neutral mask technique, the unchanging face of the doll is manipulated with light, shadow and gesture to create emotions in the viewer’s mind.


Writer and Director Bryan Jackson
Cinematographer Quyen Tran
Composer Eiji Yoshizawa
Casting Director Michael Hofeldt
Co-Producer Brian Crano
Gaffer Angie Pop
Grip Andy Kang
Production Assistants Leila Buenviaje
Lori Chan
Andrea Cisnero
Brian Kim
Randy Kiyan
Akasuka Murata
Toon Twanna
Scenic Assistant Benjamin Page
Flight Crew Uniform Margret Fenkse
Wardrobe Assistant Peter Chao
‘Softly, you go’ Performed by Scudelia Electro
Warner Records, Japan