Fresh Air & ATE Zombie Reunion

Fresh Air

ATE Zombie Posse

Day Two was a blast and the weather was terrific. I did some morning shopping at Muji & Tokyu Hands and then took a lovely walk to Chiyoda-ku and had a great meeting at Sanwa Cine Equipment Rental which is amazingly well run. The weather was so great I walked back again to Shinjuku.

Last night I hit the opening for Marcus Coates at the Tomio Koyama Gallery. It was great to see Kosaku and Yu and trade a jokes with Koyama. Afterwards I met up with Madame Bonjour JohnJ at Community Center AKTA and worked on plans for the shoot. That also went very well. I capped the night off with a hop over to Hatsudai to see my posse at ATE. I stuck my head in the door and got the best reaction you could possibly ask for. Shouts of Jackson! and hugs and laughing and beer went on for several hours. So much fun – it was a wonderful day!