Studio: MGM
Production Number: MGM 1245
Original Show Title: Pierre of the Plains, 1942
Production Designer/Art Director: Henry McAfee + Cedric Gibbons
Date Created: 1941
Genre: Western
Color Space: Technicolor

Description: Ext. Saloon
TOD: Day + Night
Original Size: 24′ x 24′
Current Size: 23’10” x 23’7″
Surface: muslin
Panel Seam Direction: 1 horizontal + 2 vertical
Opacity: backpaint + translight
Paint Type: dry color

ADG Details
BRP: 095
Condition: good
Form: folded
Photographed: October 2017, Sony Stage 23
Notes: number hyper indicates it is part of a larger backdrop
Stored: 10-18-17
Location: Scenic Expressions, Valencia

JBJ Notes:
One original batten to rehang it on.