2020 Color Photo, top folded over
ADG Color Photo
J.C. Backings – CBC-760 + CBC-761
‘Home Improvement’ Tool Time set


Studio: MGM
Production Number:
Original Show Title: Unknown
Additional Show Titles: Home Improvement
Production Designer/Art Director:
Date Created:
Color Space: Technicolor

Description: Bedford Factory #1, section of old MGM backdrop
TOD: Day
Original Size: unknown
Current Size: 7′-1″ x 15′-4″
Surface: muslin
Panel Seam Direction: 1 horizontal
Opacity: opaque
Paint Type: dry color

ADG Details
BRP: 078
Condition: good
Form: rolled
Photographed: October 2017, Sony Stage 23
Notes: parts of series BRP-079, backdrop no. 5924-3
Stored: 10-18-17
Location: Scenic Expressions, Valencia

BP Notes:
2020 – masking tape removed to improve preservation