ADG Color Photo
MGM BW Photo
Backing received from ADG


Production Company: Solofilm
Distributor: United Artists
Original Show Title: Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1978
Production Designer: Charles Rosen
Created by J.C. Backings
Date Created: Unknown
Color Space: Technicolor

Description: Ext. Alamo Square Park, San Francisco
TOD: Day + Night
Original Size: 25′ x 19′
Current Size: 24′-4″ x 18′
Surface: muslin
Panel Seam Direction: 2 horizontal
Opacity: backpaint + trans
Paint Type: acrylic

ADG Details
BRP: 121
Condition: Excellent
Form: battens (removed)
Photographed: October 2017, Sony Stage 23
Academy Note:
Stored: 10-18-17
Location: Scenic Expressions, Valencia

2021 Notes:
Film identified by Bryan Jackson
We have 2 battens to reattach to drop